$49.00 USD


Dynamic Pricing Charts

One of my favorite products I've created.  This includes 2 types of pricing charts that closely reflect my current pricing for weed control and fertilization.  They can easily be used for mowing as well. 

One is a sliding scale chart where the price per sq ft decreases as the lawn size increases.  The other one allow you to set a minimum price (ex $40) for any lawn under 2000 sq ft.  It then allows you to enter a price for each additional 1000 sq ft over 2000 sq ft (ex. $7 for each additional 1k sq ft) 

Once, you enter those numbers, the pricing chart adjusts allowing you to change prices year to year.  This pricing chart is included with other more expensive products on the site including:

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Lawn Business Master Academy

Weed Control and Fertilization Documents

Weed Control and Fertilization Docs/Lawn Care Letters Combo