Recommended Tools for the Lawn Care Pros

 Some of these product recommendation are for affiliate links meaning I earn a commission if you use the link.  

Software:  I've been rocking with Yardbook since 2015.  I find it very user friendly.  I also like the continuous improvements that keep rolling out.  Signup for a free account at yardbook.com

Spray Rig:  Graham Spray Equipment builds my spray rig.  I currently have a 400 split tank rig on the back on my F350.  It is likely the one piece of lawn equipment that have brought me the highest ROI.  It is a money making machine.  Check them out at grahamse.com

Website/SEO:  My website at alabamalawnpros.com was built by Footbridge media.  They have been great.  No paying thousands of dollars upfront.  It is $249 per month for your website, hosting, SEO, and online review management.  With my link, it is only $199 per month.  

Digital Ads Company: Lightspeed Social Agency has been great for me.  If you are looking to use targeted ads to grown your business, this is the company I recommend.  Cody and Robert provide the expertise and awesome service.      

 Fertilizer and Herbicide Supplier: Harrells is the supplier I use.  They ship directly to my home.  I love the slow release fertilizer.  They also carry almost any herbicide I would need.  Harrells is a great option for those in the weed control and fertilization business.   

Spreader/Sprayer:  I currently run a Ground Logic Pathfinder (now branded Ferris).  I like it because of the Spyker hopper and it is great on hills.  I hope to be cruising on a Z Spray soon which will be awesome for larger properties.  I am sponsored by Z Turf Equipment.  I was given a 2023 Z Spray Mid that I love.  I mostly use it for spraying large properties.  

Yard Signs:  I use my man Chad over spraysigns.com.  Chad is a super talented designer and provides great customers service.  The signs hold up well in weather which I think is important.    

Footwear:  For spraying, I like the Muck Muckster ii.  They last about 6 months or so.  I find them to be the best balance of comfort and durability.  For mowing, I really like the Kujo shoes.  I prefer the new jag model over the lace up type.  This link will save you 10% off your kujos...or just enter code "lawncarelife" at checkout. http://kujo.com/?ref=lawncarelife

String Trimmers:  I like Husqvarna trimmers.  My favorite all time was the 326ls but it is not longer available.  I like the 525 series.  The 322 series is good for those who can get by with a little less power. 

Blowers:  I like Redmax blowers the best.  I found a midsize one is fine for small lawn care.  For more power, obviously the big ones would be the way to go.  I often carry a battery powered Milwaukee Tools handheld blower on my fertilizer truck just to blow fertilizer off the sidewalk. It is the best handheld blower I have used.  

Business Credit Card:  I have found a better deal that Capital One Spark Visa.  I had the no annual fee on with 1.5% cash back but recently switched to a 2% cash back card with an annual fee.  Here is an affiliate link is you want to get one of those cards.  https://capital.one/3AqcrhA

Health Insurance:  This one is tricky for us self employed people.  It is expensive if you have to buy it.  For the past 12 years, I have used a Christian sharing program.  It is technically not insurance but functions much the same.  There are hundreds of thousands of people using these programs now.  I use Samaritan Ministries and pay around $600 per month for a family of 6.