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The Weed and Fertilization Academy

Countless Business Owners have Created and Scaled using My Course

Whether you’re looking to launch a business or improve the one you have, I believe this course will help you grow a more profitable Weed and Fertilization operation. 

As a Green Industry entrepreneur for the last 15 years, I’ve boiled down the keys to successful growth. 

Many Green Industry professionals have made positive changes to their businesses after going through this course, some of which include

  • Increased Profits
    • Save your time (and money!) I’ll tell you exactly what equipment I use and why I use it. You can skip on experimenting with a bunch of different setups and sprayers.
    • Streamline Your Operation: Knowing how to apply and how much to apply will again save you in the short and long run. I’ve worked all the kinks out! This can be the difference maker when it comes to a customer returning or not.
    • Increase Lifetime Value of Each Customer: Know what extra services you can offer, so you can make their lawn look better, season after season. 
  • Longer Customer Retention
    • Learn the Best Ways to Communicate: Keeping great customers is easy, but winning them back from a mistake is not. They are the lifeline of your business. 
    • Step-by-Step Guide to Warm Season Lawns: Doing a great job plays a large part in a happy customer. This course will give you the confidence to take charge on every job.
  • Confidence On The Job
    • Learn to treat a wide variety of warm season grasses, pests, fungi, and weeds. You’ll know how to quickly identify your problem and get to work.
    • Give yourself the edge by using the best software and marketing tactics that I personally use in my business
  • *Instant access* to my pricing charts and price increase letters

This is Where Your Journey Begins

You can avoid the confusion and mistakes (that I’ve made 100s of times) by simply going through this course. If I had this while starting my first business, I sure would have been profitable a lot quicker.

If you’re serious about starting a Weed and Fertilization business - let’s get started! There’s no reason to wait, take action toward your goals.

I'm Ready!

Quick Course Overview

  • Downloadable Guides: including Pricing Matrix, Price Increase Template and MORE!
  • 100+ Exclusive Videos: these are in-depth instructions, not found anywhere else
  • BONUS: Mosquito Spraying Academy Included ($99 value)
  • BONUS: Lawn Business Marketing Mastery AND Lawn Care Life Conference Videos

See What Course Graduates Have to Say…

“16 Months after meeting Jason, I now have 245 recurring clients. I had no experience with lawn care, but he helped to guide me into a very successful business. Sixteen months after first meeting Jason, I now have 245 recurring clients. Jason is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, hardworking businessman who knows what it takes to practically help a person achieve a thriving business.”

-- Scot, Green Tech Lawn Pros

“Jason's experience in lawn care helped me get my company running more efficiently and profitably. My company would be much farther along if I would have had this program when I first started, however, I'm seeing positive results in efficiency and profitability even now by implementing some his ideas into my 3 year old business. It's been so helpful in filtering out the clutter that comes from starting a business and focusing in on the elements that matter most.”

-- Garrick, Running Roots Lawn Care

“Just an update. I want to thank you for the master academy and the YouYube channel. Using these along with a smile I have gained 6 new customers over the last couple weeks and a new bid I hope to win in the next few days. I remember you saying it's hard to gain customers towards the end of the season but the lessons learned have proven themselves. The customers gained have more than paid for the master academy, so again thank you for all you do for this industry.”

-- Cale

“From 0 to 90 Accounts in 2 Months... I thank you for all the advice and from your feed back you have made it possible from me to go from 0 accounts to almost 90 accounts in 2 months. This will generate me right at 100,000 of gross income for the year. I also would like to say i also have taken out no loans to do this so no debt will drown my business."

-- Ethan, Alpha Lawns

The Complete Guide For Weed and Fertilization Pros

If you’re still on the fence about whether this is for you or not…

Take a look at the course curriculum. It’s a breakdown of exactly what’s included.

If it has to do with weed and fertilization, it’s here.

It gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, so you can come out the gate with confidence.

Course Curriculum Overview

For only $497 you get unlimited access to the necessary tools for running a successful Weed and Fertilization business.


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